Saturday, November 26, 2016

Special Edition Trilogy

My co-author and good friend, Valerie Bruce, and I have been very busy working on getting the next three Death and the Priest stories out, and we are happy to say that we managed to before falling into food comas due to over eating on Thanksgiving.

So here is the Special Edition Trilogy that includes the stories Bittersweet Murder, The Case of the Sorrowful Satyr,  and The Colorado Caper. 

The first story falls about a year after the events of The Case of the Deceased Daimyo and has Leia St. Croix, Kanada Osamu, and Saionji Kusonoki where they are finishing a world tour in Bali at the request of Roi Charmand. Only soon after they step off the boat, they're dragged into a murder where the victim lost his head. Literally. Soon, they're in a race against a serial killer who may be targeting them next.

The second, The Case of the Sorrowful Satyr, takes our trio to Greece where a satyr is asking for them to prove either his guilt or innocence. With no memory of the night before and waking up to the slaughtered body of his lover next to him, it would seem to be a clear case of his guilt, but he's unsure. Will the trio be able to help the satyr or will justice give way to vengeance?

And the third has the trio going to a politican's holiday party in Denver, Colorado when both murder and a snowstorm lock them in the Brown Hotel. With the only clue to the murders being fang marks in the victim's necks, can they solve The Colorado Caper?

This trilogy is a holiday special and once the New Year arrives, this will be taken down and the stories themselves put up for sale separately. So for those who enjoy a bit of murder and romance, I hope you enjoy these stories as well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Crimson or Gold

It didn't take as long as I thought it would to edit my latest short story. Of course, I hurried through getting it up and made a mistake in the title which I corrected as soon as it was live. It will take a bit for it to be corrected on the actual page, but for now "Crimson or Gold" is live and ready for reading.

Been rather busy

Been a few weeks since my last post, but in my defense, I've been a bit busy. The Little Princess was out of school for a week so I was pretty exhausted in the evenings, wanting nothing more than to just kick back and play World of Warcraft. However, I have managed to complete another short story, one that I started long before "A Night Off". It's another Cinderella sort of story but slightly darker and with an unusual twist.

If everything goes right with editing, it should go up on Amazon by this weekend.

The cover came about with the help of a friend who snapped the picture as I was holding the props. *laughs* Then the details actually came about in a sort of serendipitous event because I was just playing with sliders on my photoshop program until BAM!! There was the perfect cover with a darker background and the props just exploding out of the darkness. I just love it when a cover comes together so perfectly when I wasn't expecting it.

So next on the list is probably back to my Sassy Princesses as I have one more story almost finished and two more on the docket to actually write up. Of course, I have some Urban Werewolves short stories that are begging to be written which I figure I'll just release as a collection of stories since I din't have that many at this time. I also have several novellas and novels I'm working on, and I just found a story that I had forgotten about, so I'm going to be very busy.

Who knows, I may have something soon after the new year if I can get everything working right.