Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Selkie Wife and Swan Maiden and future plans.

My apologies for being so quiet, but there was a family birthday party and much holiday madness. However, I did managed to get out a free story for everyone to enjoy as they wanted.

It started with this Tumblr post talking about the animal wife fairy tale. Everyone knows the one, mostly because of the selkie wife. Man sees beautiful animal suddenly become beautiful woman by shedding her animal skin. He grabs the skin and demands that she's his wife now, and she is until she manages to get her skin back and escape.

Which is perfectly fine in a fairy tale. In real life, though, swans aren't the shy, graceful beings that are timid and more likely to run than set out for a direct confrontation. Which is what that Tumblr post brought up, pointing out what would truly happen just based off of a real swan's attitude.

So, since I love playing and twisting fairy tales anyway, I had to take the idea and run with it, resulting in this little story. It's a freebie posted out at Archive of Our Own so everyone can enjoy it, and I also linked my Amazon page there for any who might be curious about more stories like it.

Now onto future plans!

I have started two more fairy tales, one longer one (Beauty and the Beast) and a shorter one (Bluebeard's Wife), and I'll see what I can do about keeping everyone informed on how they're going. I have finished a short story (Wild Swans), but it needs a longer story to be partnered with before I publish it. It also needs editing, but it's about the size of "Diplomatic Incident", and I can't justify a 99 cent price tag on that.

So keep an eye out and who knows. Might be another book out before the end of January.