Saturday, March 18, 2017

Still working on it.

The good news is that I'm one chapter down and over 5k words into the story. The bad news is that I've been sick in various levels this past week (or my daughter's been feeling a bit under the weather which means she's extra cuddly) so I haven't had a chance to get as much transcribing done as I wanted.

But I'm making it up for it today.

Of course, having a three ring binder between me and the computer while I'm typing is rather annoying, so I decided to take the story out of the binder and used twistie ties (yes those things that hold garbage bags closed) to hold the pages together. It works rather well and turns the loose leaf pages into a sort of spiral ring binder, letting me fold everything in half for an easier way to type around it.

*laughs* Necessity is the innovation of creativity right?

Of course, I also have a photo box to set up for any and all covers I'm planning on taking in the future, but that will be about an hour's worth of work (at the most) and then I have to find a good place to stash it out of the reach of the princess and the cats. That will be more amusing than anything else, I think. Of course, any pictures will have to be taken either at night when I have full control over the lighting or during the day when the princess is at school. I think at night would work better.

I do have the next cover planned for my current novel, but I have a few props I need to buy and/or borrow from various people to make up the cover I have in mind. I just hope it turns out as wonderful in reality as it is in my head.

Friday, March 10, 2017

First Round, Done!

That's right, the first draft of my novel is done!

Final supply count for it is:

1 ream of loose leaf notebook paper
8 gel ink cartridges for my pen
1 Write Out correction tape spool
and 3 discarded but previously written scenes.

I've discovered that the stories seem to come together more easily if I write them out by hand and then transcribe them to the computer, which is the next draft. That also lets me remove repetitive information while fleshing out more details. Such as the fact that this was originally going to be a sort of strange Victorian setting before it decided it wanted to be a fantasy setting with little bits of magic here and there. So yeah, gotta go back and change things around in the first chapters to reflect that new setting.

The ironic thing is, this is a sort of romance story in that it deals with the feelings and relationships between three spouse, but there isn't any physical relations between them which is why part of me is reluctant to classify this as a romance. Mainly because so many romance stories involve and revolve around the physical relationships between the characters. Yet I can't think of anywhere it fits better.

Well, we'll see what happens when I actually put it up on Amazon, which if everything goes right could be May at the latest and April at the earliest.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Where Did That Month Go?

Between PTO stuff for my daughter's preschool, the crazy weather that either coaxed us outside or ran us back indoors, and the general run of the mill day to day things, February up and vanished on me!

But good news is that I haven't stopped writing and I may even be a bit into the home stretch of this book. Or at least the last 1/4 of it. I'm coming up on Climatic Moment #2 which, now that I think about it, could be the actual climax of  the story. I mean, the other information that is found out could be told through a conversation between two people, and if that's the case, I don't really need to be writing out a huge chapter when a few paragraphs will do, right?

In other good news, I have a new computer. Of course, this means some of my writing time gets eaten up by World of Warcraft. *laughs* I'm having fun with the latest expansion and enjoying the chance to actually play in the new expansion instead of having a slide show because my video card can't keep up with it.

I'll try to be better at posting, but with the nicer months starting to creep up on us, I might be even worse at posting *laughs*

Don't worry, though, you'll be the first to know about new books that I put out.